Martingale System

The martingale system is possibly the most common way of cheating in roulette. It involves betting on either black or red, collecting your winnings in case you win, and recovering your losses by

betting double in case you lose.


You have to start by deciding how much you will bet at first. It is best to bet as little as you can get away with. Put this wager on either black or red. Keep doing this as longs as you are winning. If you lose, put double of your initial stake on red or black. If you win, go back to betting your initial wager and collect your winnings. If you lose, bet double of what you have just lost. The essence of the martingale system is to win back what you have lost by betting double the next round. This way you can never lose, at least in principle.

Martingale System

However, this is not a sure way of winning. The odds of either winning by betting on red or black are not 50%, since the wheel also contains a zero, which slightly lowers the odds of the ball

landing on red or black.


The other problem is that the bets get very high very quick if you hit a losing streak. Let’s assume you start by betting 10 dollars. If you lose, you have to bet 20 the next round. If you lose again, you have to bet 40. In two more rounds, you will have to bet 160 dollars, which is a 16x

increase after losing four in a row. Losing four in a row might seem unlikely, but it has around 6% chance of happening. You need a very deep bankroll in order to play this strategy.

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