Parlay System

The parlay system is very common and preferred by bettors all around the world, since it does not require advanced mathematical computations to apply. You only need to pick your wager, and the amount you would like to win. It also allows you to choose any kind of bet, even very long odds bets, so you can enjoy the thrill of large winnings from low stakes.


Let’s look at an example. You choose to win 200 dollars with an initial stake of 10 dollars. First you  place the 10 on the red and win. Now you have 20. Then you place that 20 on the black and win. Now you have 40. Then you choose a type of bet which has a payout of 5 to 1. You win it, and you have just made 200 from your initial bet of 10.

Parlay System

Even though it looks easy, in the long run this is also a losing strategy. This one doesn’t make the zero disappear from the wheel, so the chances of hitting either the black or the red are still below 50%. If you apply this strategy, unfortunately you still have a negative expected value.

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