Roulette Systems

There are multiple ways to cheat in roulette, however using them will certainly get you imprisoned. These are unlawful ways of winning at roulette. At the same time there are many ways which are not against the law, but casinos will ban you if they catch you using them since these are ways to win at roulette which lie on sound mathematical principles.


A pretty complex way of beating the house in roulette is used by calculating which is the area

where the ball will likely land. By watching where the hand of the dealer is when he lets go of the ball, how many spins did the wheel perform, and where the ball first hits the wheel, a complex computer algorithm can predict the likely place where the ball will eventually stop. This requires a complex computer program to use, and some casinos state that electronic devices can not be used at the roulette wheel for this exact reason.

Roulette System

Some people swear by the Martingale system. It is possibly the most well-known way of cheating at roulette. You start by placing a very low amount, the lowest possible. You continue to place the same amount until you lose. When you lose, you place double that amount. If you win, now you are even, your winning just equaled out the initial loss. If you lose, you place double of your

previous loss, and you continue in this vein. The problem is that by doubling your wager, the amount you place goes up very quickly. You need a very deep bankroll so that a series of unlucky outcomes does not ruin you.

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